We had to do it. Lou Reed, founding member, guitarist and singer of the Velvet Underground, passed away yesterday at 71 years old. We don’t know the cause of his death but we don’t care. It’s just such an enormous loss for rock’n'roll music in general. Because Lou Reed was a legend, a living music legend and he will always be. He gave to rock’n'roll a new face with the Velvet Underground in the 60′s. One of the first album involving an other form of art with the artistic direction from Andy Warhol, major figure of pop art.

Lou Reed was a misunderstood artist. It took time for people to assimilate his music. His beautiful album with the Velvet Underground was a commercial disaster when it was released. It was an inspiration for all a generation though, like Sonic Youth.

After a band career, hard to emerge lonely in the musical scene. Fortunately for us, Lou Reed had the chance to work in the 70′s with Bowie, this period was the zenith of his solo work.
Lou Reed was for a lot of people more than a singer or the Velvet’s figure, he was a source of inspiration for a generation of musicians and music-lovers.