Moon is a discovery of Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert. Rooted in the same area in southern Germany they finally met a couple of summers ago in the capital to join forces in the dj booth and in the studio. Along the lines of « anything fun » they create bottom-heavy tracks to make people freak. Johannes & Johannes share long years of working as djs and producers besides loving any kind of weird dance music. After two 12 inches they are currently recording their first longplayer which is due on frank music in 2017. Some people will most likely call it electro informed music with a pop appeal. Before they drop their album, they released a 2 tracker vinyl on Frank Music and tease us with a playlist.

Listen to Moon :

1. Justus Köhncke – « Der Herzenkapitän »
« German Schlager all the way: Make some noise for Justus Köhncke, please. »

2. DJ Dove – Illusions
« Piano Illusions. Just got repressed. Must-have record I assume »

3. Needs – Walkin’ thru circles
« Needs. Not Wants. »

4. Quarion – Monolith
« The swiss mastermind and always good guy Quarion. »

5. Iron Curtis – Inner Glow
« The Inner Glow. Most important in fall. »

6. The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
« 1979. What else can I say. Thanks Foffie for showing me the way. »

7. Mark Broom – Loop 131
« Sometimes a single loop means the world to me. »

8. Digitalism – Destination Breakdown
« Break down, break down, break break down »

9. The Believers (Roy Davis Jr.) – Who Dares To Believe In Me
« Who dares to believe in sax? »

10. Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard – For You
« The perfect ending tune by michael mayer & joe goddard. pop. »