Andres Aguirre is a lifelong musical voyager devoted to experimenting electronic music concepts from house groove and funk to futurist techno, ambient and beyond. Originally from the Texas/Tamaulipas border, and after some time in Austin and a breif stint in Barcelona, he is now based in Mexico City where he works on curating the musical selection of the Expendio Records store and regularly deejays around the city – and tries his best to make time for the things he loves most.

Andres Aguirre just delivered a wonderful EP on Forbidden Colours available on wax and digital

1. Ron Basejam – For the People, By The People
“ The way everything should be. Utopic master anthem. ”

2. Gary Gritness – Preachin Some Tight Game
“ Stayin’ strong hand at all costs. ”

3. Junior Boys – What You Won’t Do For Love
“ Never give up. ”

4. Son Dexter – Painting (painting)
“ I’m talking to you, pick up that brush. I’ve got good news. Listen. ”

5. 0010X0010 – Vii
“ Interdimensional mystic acid hypnosis. “

6. Trevino – Desecrate
“ Jackhammer straight to the dome piece. ”

7.First Date – Orphan Planet (Beaumont Stanford & Matt Davis Remix)
“ Abandonded in this fantastical funkscape. ”

8.Pépé Bradock – 1755
“ Or what? ”

9. International Pony – Bubble In The Bottle
“ ‘till we pop… ”

10. Andres Aguirre – Empty Jazz