One month ago, the French duo ELSE has droped a new EP « Mirage » : six groovy & electronic tracks, with a real griffe. ELSE is a band to follow in 2016.

Could you introduce yourself briefly?

We are “Else”, a duo from the collective “L’ordre”’ (The Order). We started the project 4 years ago. We’re  22 & 23 years old, we’re both from the south of France but we now live in Paris.

You are coming back after a long break (from summer 2013 to 2015), Could you explain the reasons ? Was it a period of musical experimentation?

After our first productions, we started to have some news influences, and we needed to try some new things, without forgetting our original identity, so it took time but it seemed necessary.

Would you say that you still have the same influences of your 1st EP?

We kept some influences like those linked to Daft Punk obviously, and some of the first Ed Banger tracks, with Funk from the 70’s…. But in this EP we were influenced by the new chill-pop wave, with artists like Flume, Neon Idian or Kaytranada and also Darius who’s more linked to the house music style.

You work as a duo despite a great distance between you (Toulouse / Paris). How did you guys work on this EP?

Yes, you’re right, we were not always together, but we like to have each other’s independance and we trust each other’s work and commitment, so the distance wasn’t a real problem… we stil hooked up regularly to work on some sessions.

When we look at your posts on your social networks, we can tell that you have a real aesthetic eye and a strong visual identity. Where did you find this artistic inspiration?

This inspiration is from our private jokes with our friends from the collective…so the identity came naturally. We often think up the visuals with the sounds, it’s the result of our friendship with our mates from “L’Ordre”.

So you’ve been in the “L’Ordre” collective for a while, can you tell us more about it ? Who is in this collective and how does it work?

The collective was born at the same time as our project (Else) so both are really linked. It’s a bunch of friends working together before anything else, we all know each other since high school, and have a common purpose (to conquer the world). This is an collective  in which all of the members find themselves as musicians, producers, videasts, etc…Currently we’re a dozen and in terms of production, the collective produces clips for internal and external artists (as Lomepal for exemple) or “L’Ordre sessions” (filmed lives), or visuals for all artists in the crew. But new projects are coming…

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