This summer the singer, songwriter and producer Count Counsellor based in London has dropped his first EP called « Count Counsellor & The Childhood Heroes ». These four tracks are up to a very good start and reveal the eclectic music tastes of the artist.

Who is Count Counsellor ?
I’m originally from Adelaide in Australia but I grew up in the UK. I moved there when I was a kid.

Who do you consider as an influence for you ?
My nine-years older brother. He was a Dj in the 90’s and I remember that he was collecting all these records. I kept on listening to them. I would not have been able to have access to this kind of music without him. This has shaped my tastes for many kinds of music which vary from UK garage, funk disco, jazz, dubstep, hip hop etc…

When did you start playing music ?
I have always played music whether it is piano, drums or double base. I also play in many bands around London. I’m involved in many projects, among them I have collaborated with Jelani Blackman (a british artist which is a mix between Jai Paul and Ben Khan R&B style). Also I currently work with the brand new music label Quality Time Recordings based in L.A.

What was your vision for this EP ? What is it about ?
This 4 tracks EP is a reference to the childhood and to these memories we have about it. It implies recklessness, optimism until the point where we realize that things are more complicated than what it seems. You can go through horrible things, you can always perceive beauty everywhere. My music is a combination of both atmospheric and darker sounds. I can find this kind of sound with Burial. In his music, the sense of funeral is expressed through the elevated part which moves toward a darker sound with the percussive aspect of drum’n bass for example.

For « Count Counsellor & The Childhood Heroes », I have collaborated with my best friend Fred. He has co-written and co-produced the tracks. We have been working together for already 6-7 years. We kinda complete each other and speak the same language when it comes to music.

How is the London scene ?
Something great about London is that you have every single culture in there and you can find any music style whether it is funk, jazz, reggae etc… In London, you can play anywhere, you don’t need to know anybody for that.


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