The 2013 most exciting artists presented by BCKSTG:


An LA-based singer, songwriter and musician who has been at the core of the new R&B influence of this 2013 year. Working with producers such as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, SOHN, Lil Silva or Jamie Woon, her unique downtempo style and seductive voice will not leave you indifferent. After her latest EP ‘London’, we just can’t wait for her first album to be release.





Do we really need to introduce Chance The Rapper? ‘Acid Rap’ -one of the 2013 best hip-hop mixtapes- was out this year, and made him known all around the globe. This Chicago dude who proudly states he has no permanent address has played in US for his social experiment tour (he spent the summer performing in Europe). A rap balancing with the 90’s rap nostalgia and modern beats and lyrics. Addictive.





Quite tough to find some bio about him, but at least we’re sure this Manchester artist is more known for his music than for his private life. Going from smooth ballade to energetic electronic song, he knows how to make you feel happy for the day. He definitely brings something fresh and new, combined with layers of beats and deep lyrics.





The Brooklyn duo signed on Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder, are true rappers. Their two mixtapes from last year combined with their music videos created a real buzz. Dope beat, fast flow and psychological drugs attract were their unique combination to produce such best-selling. What’s next?





Indeed his two featurings with Drake in 2013 were the first sight of how soul and groovy Sampha voice can be. But his first EP signed on The xx’s label Young Turks shows that he can also play another role more melodic & melancholic even if he keeps his warmth unique voice. Actually how bad can be an artist deeply inspired by Andre 3000 & Stevie Wonder?





Former dancer, Jamaïcan and Spanish origins, this Londonian girl has already a wide background, helpful when you want to start over. Her ‘Water Me’ Youtube video was seen more than 1.2 million times, people were wondering who was behind this conceptual new song. Her music may feel really personal and provocative but worth a listen.





How far can you remember a good band coming from Scotland (Calvin Harris does not count as a band)? Anyway, CHVRCHES is here to help increase the country stats. This born-on-internet trio makes the electro-synth-pop accessible to all and aims to share their promising universe with us. If you’ve missed them on stage this summer, no worries we’re sure it’s only the beginning!





17 years old -yes you’ve read well- and already a real phenomenon. Known mostly via her highly viral video ‘Royals’, this Kiwi girl has not said her last word. Auto-defined as a Teen goth (with a slice of popstar attributes and a great voice), her first album was out at the end of September and was a massive success. If it wasn’t enough for you, just be aware that the cool kid is nominated for four Grammys next January.





Graduated from the conservatoire school, she doesn’t leave behind her cosy and smooth universe. She makes us travel into her perfect celest harmony, guided by her enchanting and nonchalantly voice.
Already awarded as best female act and best R&B/Soul artist at the MOBO Awards, we’re sure it was only a beginning, the road is far longer for Laura.





In only one verse on Booba’s last album, he has been pushed to the front of the French rap scene. While most famous French MCs were fighting by interposed battles, the public saw a UFO appear in 2012 by the name of Kaaris.
Although many have discovered the phenomenon recently, Kaaris is in the circuit for over ten years. He fully established himself as a new heavy weight after his ‘Or Noir’ album release in 2013.
If Kaaris impresses by his violent punchlines, it would be too easy to present him as a simple bully boy. The man also called Houdini has more than one trick up his sleeve.