Remember your first concert experience? Of course you do!

The sense of sharing something unique, in an instant that is disconnected from the rest, in your own time-capsule together with the crowd…

As shafts of light come down to a blacked-out stage, the adrenalin kicks off, the audience fired-up moving towards the essential…

The essential, is the stage.

It catches your eyes, you are indeed in the right place at the right time…

Suddenly, the first words, the first resonating note, the sound – powerful – that comes from all sides,
it takes you, you let yourself get carried away, that was…

Your first live show.

For the first time, the French live music industry will be celebrated in an outstanding awards show: « L’ANNÉE DU LIVE », getting artists, fans and industry professionals to share performance excellence, diversity and talent of the vibrant live scene.

L’ANNÉE DU LIVE will take the stage on January 22, 2018, created by Live Nation in partnership with PRODISS, France’ national live music employers organization, and Paris venue AccorHotels Arena. Dedicated to the live music industry, the ambitious show broadcasted live on the M6/W9 television network, will award the 2017 best live artist performances and shows, as well as shining a spotlight on the industry professionals, awarded by a Jury of peers. Live music is an indelible part of economic and cultural values in France: recognizing talent and the excellence of the professionals behind the scene is a true milestone.

Beyond an awards show, L’ANNÉE DU LIVE, stands out as an innovative ceremony with a challenging scenography created with high-level technical prowess. Each artist will evolve in a distinctive set décor on the AccorHotels Arena stage giving the audience access to original and technically prodigious performances.

Exceptional means of production will be used to create a 2 hours Live music show multifaceted never done before. Celebrating excellence in music across genres, L’ANNÉE DU LIVE intends to take the public on a journey that blends best-in-class performances, and experiences with national and international acts.

Each year, in France, over 58,000 shows are produced, and could not go on without the commitment, passion, and creativity of promoters, festivals organizers, venue operators associated to a diversity of trades: decorators, set designers, stagehands, light technicians, sound engineers…. With over 100 different trades, the live industry is highly dynamic in France, and contributes to our employment and Economy.


« The richness of the French Live scene stands by its diversity, but especially the trades and artistic « talents » that I wish to honor with L’ANNÉE DU LIVE Live performances in France represent hundreds of thousands of jobs, hundreds of companies and professions that make it possible for artists to perform in concerts or festivals, it’s time to pay tribute to them. »

Angelo Gopee, Managing Director France Live Nation


« L’ANNÉE DU LIVE is an incredible opportunity to pay tribute to the artists, and to the 350 company members of PRODISS who are, on a daily basis, artists developers, shared culture and collective experiences promoters, advocates for creation, and above all, passionate. »

Malika Séguineau – Managing Director – PRODISS


Witnessing Live music is a staple, “L’Année du Live” comes as an obvious celebrative answer.

The passion for music and live performance enlivens and animates millions of people everyday around the world. The live music industry has never been more popular and is one of the most vibrant parts of the entertainment sector.

Going to a live music event is something completely unique; it is a personal experience between you and the artists. These precious moments needed to be honored by an award show dedicated to artists and all doers in the shadow who help to make the magic happen.

Celebrating the quality and the diversity of the French and international stage scene with an exceptional ceremony produced in the heart of the City of Light is an ambition that will be shared on January 22, 2018 with the first edition of the L’ANNÉE DU LIVE.


Jury composition, award categories & full program will be unveiled at September 2017 Official Press Conference / Paris.
Tickets on sale April 21st, 2017 - for more info.
Watch prime-time W9 live broadcast of L’Année du Live on January 22nd, 2018.